Sunday, May 27, 2007


The prompt for Sunday Scribblings this week was "Simple".


They say I am simple
because I sit upon a hill
smiling very slightly
and sitting very still.
I suppose I do look silly
watching in silence here
but it's clear to me
that my eyes see
what makes this world so dear.

They say that I am simple
because I never speak.
Softly I observe the world
and with my soul I seek
quiet moments of warmth and peace,
serenity that is so rare
when the sun sinks into the sea
or the wind makes music in the leaves of a tree
I put down the burdens I bear.

So let them say I'm simple
complicated is too loud
It's impossible to hear anything
in the din from the crowd.
But perhaps one day they'll tumble,
One day they'll come to see
in the sparkle of the stream
or the light of a moonbeam
sometimes its good to be simple like me.


spacedlaw said...

Nice poem (and so true).

Anonymous said...

simple and beautiful!